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GNOSIS - Hospital Management System

Gnosis can be used in any Hospital, Clinic, Diagnostics, Pharmacy, laboratory, Medical Practitioner, and end-consumers for maintaining patient details, doctor reports, test results, and more. It Integrates the entire Resources of a Hospital into a Customized ERP Software Application.



Gnosis - The Hospital Management System powered by ShubhiTech (opc) Private Limited provides cloud-based software solutions designed for any Hospital to replace its existing manual, paper-based system. This System targets to provide a complete solution for Hospitals and Health care services.

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Gnosis is a simple-to-use Electronic Medical Record & Practice Management ERP Software by ShubhiTech (opc) Private Limited. It is a Browser based app deployed provides cloud-based software solutions designed for any Hospital that provides Accessible, On Time, and Patient-Centric Care with managed Workflow and Reminders. This System targets to provide a complete solution for Hospitals and Health care services.

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The project Hospital Management System (HMS) is for computerizing the working in a hospital. The software takes care of all the requirements of an average hospital and is capable to provide easy and effective storage of information related to patients that come up to the hospital.

It generates test reports; provide prescription details including various tests, diet advice, and medicines prescribed to patient and doctor. It also provides injection details and billing facility on the basis of patient’s status whether it is an indoor or outdoor patient.

The system also provides the facility of backup as per the requirement.


Hospitals around the Globe are increasingly adopting Hospital ERP Software to streamline their operations and improve patient care. These software solutions enable hospitals to manage their resources, processes, and staff more efficiently. They also help them to reduce operational costs and provide better services to patients.

ShubhiTech offers GNOSIS – Hospital ERP Software a popular choice among healthcare providers as it helps them automate various processes such as patient registration, billing, appointment management system and medical records. It also provides accurate data analysis which helps hospitals make better decisions. The software has advanced features such as analytics, reporting and integration with other systems.

Apart from medical & paramedical staff involved in treatment & patient care, a variety of non-medical personnel like administrators, accountants, financial advisors & HR personnel are also there to attend to administrative needs. The arrival of Hospital Management Systems (HMS) powered by ShubhiTech is making operations simpler for healthcare centers. This allows them to focus more on providing quality care to their patients without worrying about the operational aspects, thanks to the smart & efficient systems of GNOSIS.

Benefits of Gnosis

Improved clinical decision-making

A good quality management system ensures that operational and clinical decision-making process is fast, accurate, and efficient. With an easy, single view availability of data points, doctors, and medical support staff gets facilitated.

Streamlines Healthcare processes

There is a single integrated view to Patients from the centralized system for Billing, Collection, Patient Medical History, Discharge Detail etc.

Faster processing and eliminates Human Error

Mistakes are unfortunately quite common when the amount of paperwork is too large. Such a situation can easily lead to chaos, which in turn increases the chances of files and crucial documents going missing or even being misplaced.

Improves patient care and satisfaction

Going digital with medical documents is a real advantage to physicians and admins alike. With less time needed to search for records, this precious time can be spent being directly involved in patient care.

Better security and compliance

Paper-based documents can become lost or damaged because of mold, fires, flooding or other types of natural disasters and accidents. By contrast, electronic files benefit from redundant storage features and disaster recovery solutions. Even if one server fails, digital backups of every document exist. Therefore, your patients’ information is more secure.

Automation saves costs

Large medical facilities such as hospitals, multi-physician clinics, and high-volume clinics typically incur huge expenses for document storage for their patients. Completing this procedure may take multiple days, leading to physicians having to attend to patients without access to their complete medical history – which is where human errors may arise.

GNOSIS Features/ Capabilities

In-Patient Management

In Patient management software, register a new patient; assign wards and beds. Create a dashboard for in patients. Manage admission, discharge and transfer of patients. The nurses can admit, discharge and transfer a patient using this feature. During admission and transfer a bed can be assigned to the patient.

OT Management

The Operation Theater Module has several features that streamline the process of scheduling, team organization, patient tracking, consumable management & accounting. It also provides Death and Birth certificates as well as a roster of operations and notes

Out-Patient Management

In the Outpatient management system, manage patient progress, clinical summary, examination sheet, medication order, discharge summary, and more.

IPD Management

This Inpatient Management Module provides the capability to manage your whole hospital inpatient process, from patient registration to billing, and also keeps track of patient records throughout.

OPD Management

A well-organized OPD with the capacity to attend to an influx of patients can be managed efficiently. Every aspect from patient registration, history, diagnosis and prescription is kept organized & catalogued effectively.

Pharmacy Software

Central and distributed pharmacy with several functional units such as stock tracking, ordering/ indenting and medicine receipt from wholesalers/ vendors functionality.

Inventory Management

The inventory module is integrated into all areas of the hospital, from wards to operating theaters and pharmacies. It allows for complete control over stock movement within the entire hospital.

Pathology /Laboratory Management

Pathology Lab Management facilitates definition of laboratory tests supporting fully configurable laboratory tests reports that are ordered in outpatient or Inpatient instantaneously.

Finance & Accounting Management

The financial module is great for streamlining the overall financial flow, promoting transparency and giving you more control over your money. It keeps track of everything, making sure that all monetary goals are met.

HR and Payroll Management

The Payroll and HR Management module covers a broad range of activities, including managing existing staff’s attendance and leaves, loans, ROTA, onboarding new hires and keeping tabs on contractual employees.

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