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HR Management System

ZEEVA is a software application used to store employee information and support various human resource functions, such as benefits, attendance, payroll, recruiting, training, etc.

ShubhiTech offers Zeeva HRMS solution that uses technology to help manage all of the organization’s primary HR responsibilities. The primary purpose is to increase the HR department’s overall efficiency and productivity by automating and streamlining tasks.

Zeeva HRMS

About Zeeva

Zeeva helps in managing all of their human resource management functions efficiently without errors. Hence, it increases the overall efficiency and productivity of your business. Zeeva also enables easy and secure access to the employee database, thereby reducing the time and effort required to manage it efficiently.


A cloud-based HRMS solution acts as an efficient point of contact for all the core HR functionalities.


To eliminate manual efforts involved in HR processes makes them error-free, and saves time for employee engagement.

Zeeva is a new-age, cloud-based HRMS suite built for enterprises. It enables you to automate your day-to-day HR processes, simplifies human interactions, delivers actionable insights to build better workplaces, and helps you achieve your strategic HR goals faster and smarter.

Benefits Of HR Management Software

Employee Retention

Our HRIS software provides a superior experience by streamlining and automating HR processes to ensure employee retention.

Remote Access

The cloud-based system can be accessed from anywhere at any time, improving the accessibility and security for HR.

Employee Engagement

It gives power to the employees to access and edit their data right at their fingertips, thereby improving engagement.

Accurate Attendance

Attendance and leaves are automatically captured by the system, ensuring precise payroll with automated overtime calculations.

Legal Compliance

All the taxation and other compliances are automated to avoid manual errors and delays along with automatic updates as per the regulation updates.

Data Security

With 256-bit encryption, your employee database remains safe on the cloud along with well-defined access and usage rights.

Step into The Future of HR Management!

Zeeva was designed with simplicity and intuitiveness in mind. It offers a delightful and informative user experience to all employees no matter whether they are and what device they use.

Zeeva HRMS


A major advantage of deploying Zeeva HRMS is that it is cost-effective. Being the best human resource management software in India, It has been developed by keeping scalability and customizability in mind. Since it can be deployed by businesses of any size, it can scale as per the increasing business complexity of your company.

Enhanced Staff Management

We provide a variety of options when it comes to human resources management for the company. Zeeva helps in automating your HR management tasks such as payroll management, talent management, attendance management, and more.

Enhanced Staff Management

We provide a variety of options when it comes to human resources management for the company....
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Comprehensive Reports

Our human resource management system generates comprehensive as well as custom reports for easy understanding of the real time data.

Comprehensive Reports

Our human resource management system generates comprehensive.....
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